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We provide expert diagnostic psychological evaluations; skills groups for children and teens with social and emotional difficulties; and consultations with schools or other organizations about difficult behaviors.

We provide diagnostic evaluations for complex developmental concerns including

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (what used to be called autism, Aspergers, PDD-NOS)
  • ADHD and behavioral difficulties
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Other concerns that do not fit traditional profiles.

We now do early diagnosis for autism spectrum disorders, beginning with age 18 months and up, using the Toddler ADOS module!

The goal of all our evaluations is to create treatment plans for addressing each person’s most pressing individual needs in home, school/work, and professional/health settings. We use the up-to-date diagnostic criteria from the DSM 5 for all evaluations. We use only gold-standard, evidence-based assessment tools. We do many evaluations with children and also have significant experience assessing for developmental concerns such as autism spectrum disorders in adults.

Accuracy. Our autism spectrum assessments utilize the best tools available, including the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedules-2 (ADOS-2). Dr. South is certified at the highest level of training for these measures. Research has consistently shown that screening questionnaires are not adequate for diagnosis and that some (such as the GARS) may be harmful because they underreport actual cases. Our extensive in-depth assessment provides the best evaluation for autism spectrum disorders in children and adults. Diagnosis of other concerns also use the best-available tools.

Experience. Dr. South has specialized training as a child clinical psychologist with experience in most child concerns. He has been working in the field of autism spectrum disorders for more than 20 years, including training in specialty clinics at the Yale Child Study Center and the University of Utah. Our team includes other Brigham Young University faculty as well as advanced, specially-trained clinical psychology doctorate students from BYU, closely supervised by Dr. South or Dr. Gabrielsen.

Cutting-edge. Our team conducts active research in child and family psychology, including: anxiety and emotion regulation in autism; brain imaging of developmental problems; and improvements to community and school treatment programs. We are up-to-date with the latest information about possible causes and treatments for child/family concerns.

Accessibility and Cost. We strive to make our services as affordable as possible. The cost for a comprehensive evaluation is $950 for school-aged children and adults, and $900 for preschool evaluations. We offer payment plans convenient to your schedule, spread out over time as needed. We also make every effort to work with insurance companies. We accept all major credit cards including most health savings plan or FSA cards.